Saturday, June 28, 2008

2nd Saturday of SOS08

Well, it's the 2nd Saturday of Summer of Socks and I spent most of the day knitting again. Lucky me!

I keep working on the Brigit sock, but don't seem to be making a lot of progress. It is becoming the never-ending sock! But, I still like the yarn and the pattern and when I finally finish this pair, I think I will like wearing the socks. Here's what it looks like as of tonight:
The Fall Herbs socks are going much faster. It's funny when I switch to these after working on the Brigit socks, the needles seem huge!! It's amazing the difference between US 1 and US3! As you can see, I've made almost as much progress on the first Fall Herbs sock as the Brigit sock:
I have also been thinking about whether I prefer metal or bamboo needles since I have been switching back and forth. I'd say there are advantages and disadvantages to each.

The bamboo needles cost more and seem more fragile, although I haven't broken one yet, thank goodness! One thing that I like about the bamboo needles is how they seem to warm in your hands as you use them. They are also probably lighter than the metal needles, although my metal sock needles aren't particularly heavy or anything.

I only have one set of bamboo needles. The rest of my sock dpns are metal (aluminum, I believe). The main advantage to metal needles, in my opinion, is price and durability. I bought most of my sets at the craft store with 40% off coupons and I don't have to worry about breaking the needles when I throw my projects back into the knitting bag. And, believe me, this crosses my mind EVERY time I'm carefully placing my Brigit sock on the bamboo needles back into the bag!!

I guess the other main difference between bamboo and metal is how the yarn slides along the needles. But, with these two projects I don't notice a major difference in this area. The stitches stay on when I want them to, and when I'm knitting the stitches slide along the needles just fine on both the metal and bamboo needles.

I wonder if I'll actually finish a pair to enter in the first bi-weekly SOS08 contest. I believe the deadline is 10pm on 7/4/08. Instead, I may be entering a couple pairs in the 2nd bi-weekly contest and will hopefully have a 3rd or 4th pair cast on by then.

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