Sunday, June 28, 2009



Here's a progress photo of my latest projects. I'm hoping to finish these both by next weekend so that I can focus on the July mystery sock KAL. Clue 1 should be posted on Wednesday!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

First WWKIP Day sock is done!

06.21.09 001

One sock down, one to go!

Also, Summer of Socks 2009 begins today - the theme this year is Low Stress!!


I am going along with this theme and not making any grand plans for SOS09, but I'm sure I will knit at least a few pairs of socks this summer to play along!

The SKA Group on Ravelry is having a fair isle mystery sock challenge in July, and I hope to use my Panda Soy to knit a pair of fair isle socks!

Monday, June 15, 2009

WWKIP Day, car knitting and puppy Madison

On Saturday, June 13th, I participated in the SKA group's photo scavenger hunt for WWKIP Day (on Ravelry). There was a list of different point values for photographing your sock-in-progress with various items (an animal, a non-knitter, someone on a bicycle, from 100+ feet up, etc.). I earned 26 points and had a lot of fun. Others earned more points than me, but I have some entries for "funniest pic" and "most unique pic" and there is also a random prize drawing for everyone who entered. Most importantly was that it made for a fun day, so the prizes are really secondary. Here's one of the photos I took from 100+ feet up:
06.13.09 029

The sock is Panda Cotton in the colorway "Roses" which is gorgeous and I am knitting the slipped stitch rib pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks.

We were in Erie, PA for the weekend and this is one of the first times I was able to knit in the car on the trip. I can't read in a car; it gives me a headache and I haven't had much luck with trying to knit, but I started an easy scarf pattern that I was able to remember without looking at the pattern. It's the Panda Cotton Drop Stitch Scarf, a free pattern on Crystal Palace Yarn's website. I love how it's turning out! I'm using Panda Cotton in the Seascape colorway and I just LOVE the colors:
06.13.09 003

The scarf is much longer now because I knit it on the way home today too!

I also got to meet my in-law's new puppy, Madison, and she is absolutely adorable! She is a miniature American Eskimo and well-loved:
06.13.09 011

06.13.09 078

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tofutsies and WWKIP Day

Tofutsies socks are finally done!
06.09.09 003

06.09.09 004

I started these in September 2008 and finished them in June 2009! I'm looking forward to wearing them, because I think they will fit well.

My Cookie A Sock Innovation book finally arrived! I took it to Office Max to have it spiral bound so it will lay flat. Check out the picture on the first page:
06.09.09 001

Looks like a sleeping Eskie to me!! How cute!

Shelby says, "Hey, I am cute too!"
06.09.09 002

Yes, yes you are...

Saturday is WWKIP Day so get out there and knit! I plan on participating in the Photo Scavenger Hunt that the SKA Group on Ravelry is hosting (Sock Knitters Anonymous). Should be a lot of fun. I will be casting on a new pair of socks in Panda Cotton!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

May Mystery Socks are done!

06.07.09 002

This was the May mystery sock KAL in the SKA group on Ravelry. The name of the pattern is "kiila" which means gusset. As you can see, the pattern design is primarily in the gusset (the area where the sock widens between your toes and heel - for any non-sock-knitters out there).

I wish my cables would have turned out better. I think I should have used the increases the pattern called for (make one) rather than knitting through the front and back loop. I really need to practice this increase and find a way to do this without having holes. But, I think these will be comfy socks. They are my first pair of Panda Soy socks for myself! And my first pair of red hand-knit socks so I will be excited to wear them.

Now, I just need to finish my Tofutsies socks:
05.25.09 005

I want to finish these this week, so I can cast on a fun, new pair of socks during WWKIP day on Saturday, June 13th!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

More bags!

I decided to make some more project bags using the drawstring bag tutorial from yarnmonster's blog. I cut fabric to make 6 bags:
06.06.09 006

I have completed sewing four of the bags - just need to add the drawstrings:
06.06.09 007

Shelby says - "Knitting, sewing... you're always up to something!"
06.06.09 001