Monday, June 2, 2008

Loopy's Summer Vacation

Loopy is vacationing out on the deck this summer so he asked me to make him a hammock. I decided to crochet it since I figured this would be quicker than knitting and look more hammock-like.

Of course, it had to be red!! I used Lion Brand Microspun that I had in my stash and just did a pretty simple filet crochet grid. You could use any yarn. I aimed for a hammock that was approximately 5" X 10" so that it would be Loopy-size. It probably could even be a couple inches wider than 5" to fit better. I did jot down some notes in case anyone wanted to make one.

I used a G crochet hook and started by making a chain of 28. Then double-crochet into the 6th chain from the end. Chain 2, skip two stitches and double-crochet into the next stitch. Continue [ch 2, sk 2, dc] until you get to the end. Then chain 5, turn, skip 2, dc in next dc, and [ch 2, sk 2, dc] to end. Make sure you get to the very end to keep it rectangle shape instead of decreasing. It's always a bit tricky to get that last double-crochet into the right spot.

You could also knit a rectangle of the same dimensions or even use a lace pattern to make it a little more airy.

If you make your own Loopy hammock, be sure to let me know! I'd love to see it!
For anyone who is not familiar with The Loopy Ewe and Sheri's blog, she is having a summer photo contest where you can submit pictures of Loopy on summer vacation.