Wednesday, February 25, 2009

harika progress photos

I just wanted to post some progress photos of my harika socks:
02.25.09 001

Here is a close-up of the heel:
02.25.09 002

And here is a photo of the back of the heel, showing the stranding that will be on the inside of the sock:
02.25.09 003

I actually just finished turning the heel and picking up stitches so I can start knitting the foot, but I had to take a break! The foot will have a new pattern on the sole of the foot, with the pattern from the leg continuing on the top of the foot. This should be interesting to keep track of!

Wish me luck!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

scarf done; sock progress

I finished the Bamboozle Inner Truth Cable Scarf:

02.21.09 003

Many thanks to Crystal Palace Yarns for providing the yarn to knit this scarf! I'll be sending the scarf to them soon so they can take a good picture of it for their website. :-)

I finished the first pattern repeat for the leg of the harika sock:
02.21.09 006

The light-colored yarn actually has several pretty colors in it, but I'm having a hard time photographing it because it contrasts so much with the dark yarn. But, so far so good with this pattern! I knit one more pattern repeat and a couple more rows and then start the heel! I believe this pattern will hold my interest, and although it is challenging, it will be a fairly fast knit. My goal is to finish the pair by the end of March.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

scarf progress!

02.17.09 002

Here's a current photo of where I'm at with the Inner Truth Cable Scarf knit with Bamboozle yarn. I've knit 4 full skeins and started the 5th skein last night. So far, so good! I'm hoping to finish by this weekend if not sooner.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I started the harika socks!

I finally started the harika socks that I have been wanting to knit since the first time I saw them.

I wanted to use yarn from my stash, and I wanted high contrast yarns, so I chose Maizy in Bittersweet and Meadow Mist:

02.14.09 003

The cuff is very unique and something I have never tried before. You actually knit garter stitch back and forth (not in the round) for several rows which looks like this:

02.14.09 001

and then you twist it around to form the cuff like this:
02.14.09 002

Then, you finally join it into the round and continue the ribbing. After about 6 rounds of ribbing, my sock now looks like this:
02.14.09 005
As I said, this is a very unique sock pattern! It's very challenging, but it is fun trying these new techniques! This is also my first pair of socks using two different colors of yarn, so it is fun to try my two-handed fair isle knitting once again.

And don't worry, I am still working on the Inner Truth scarf! I was just anxious to cast on these socks, so now I have two active projects! (Not to mention my lingering UFO's that I still want to finish for the UFO KAL...)

long time, no update...

I've been working on the Inner Truth Cable Scarf as often as I can. I am well into the 4th skein of yarn now! I'll have to take a photo this weekend, but for now just imagine the last picture about twice as long. ;-)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Progress and Prize Yarn

I have finished one skein of the Bamboozle yarn and started a 2nd skein. Here's my progress so far on the Inner Truth Cable Scarf:

02.02.09 008

And I received a wonderful package in the mail today containing my prize yarn for winning "favorite Crystal Palace Yarns project" in the Carefree Holiday (or not) Knitalong. The project was my fuchsia mystery socks. I won 4 skeins of Panda Superwash, one of CPY's newest yarns:

02.02.09 003
2 skeins in the colorway "Joyful" and 2 skeins in "Neptune" (Neptune is on the left above).

Panda Superwash is 51% bamboo, 39% superwash wool and 10% nylon. It is sooooo soft!! I can't wait to knit with it!