Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer of Socks 2008 has begun!!!!!

Hooray! Happy First Day of Summer! Summer of Socks is underway. This should be a fun summer. Since we couldn't cast on for Summer of Socks until after midnight last night, I spent yesterday evening getting non-SOS08 stuff done (laundry, grocery shopping, etc.)

On Thursday night, I finished all the knitting on the cabled purse, so I blocked that last night and it is now drying:
The cables seemed to flatten out a lot when wet. I hope they crisp back up when dry. This is the first time I've wet blocked cables. I also braided the 3 I-cords to form the handle, but forgot to take a picture of that. You'll see it on the completed purse.

Since I had a sink full of Soak I decided to also hand wash some socks while I was soaking the cabled purse. They are drying now as well:

After that was done, I needed a quick knitting project to get me through the last few hours before SOS08 and I came across my "Loopy's Red Sock Kit" from The Loopy Ewe (one of their awesome free gifts!). I figured I could crank out a mini sock in an evening. I cast on at 8:30 and finished it at 11:30! (Took a half hour break to take our dog for a walk since it was so nice out last night) So, 2-1/2 hours of knitting time produced this:

Loopy immediately claimed it for his own and asked when he'd have a 2nd sock to go with it:

I thought about staying up until midnight to cast on my first sock, but was tired by then and decided to start fresh in the morning. I woke up bright and early and cast on the Brigit pattern in Periwinkle Panda Cotton:

I think this will be a fun and challenging (enough to keep it interesting) pattern to knit. My only concern is that I think I may need an extra skein of yarn to complete.

Well, enough blogging... time to resume knitting my sock! Have a Happy Summer everyone!!!

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