Friday, June 13, 2008

Sock blockers!

My sock blockers arrived from The Loopy Ewe today! I got the medium size and I love them. I no longer have to take pictures of my feet!

Here's my first pair of Panda Cotton socks (colorway: faded jeans) on the blockers:
These socks began my sock knitting obsession!

I also decided to buy my first set of stitch markers because I really liked this Loopy Ewe set from Zephyr:
I displayed them on one of my sock blockers and the flash glared a bit, sorry! They came in the cute little tin. You can see better pictures and a description of them here.

In other knitting news, I finished the doily style dishcloth and am really happy with how it turned out:
I love the colors in that yarn! The colorway is "Butter Cream Ombre" by Lily Sugar'n Cream. Pretty!!

And, I am using one of my knitting bags while working on my latest project:
It's the "Flapper Purse" from the 6/6/08 page of the knitting calendar I have at work. It's a rectangle-shaped small purse with 3 cables running along it and the top flaps over, thus the name "flapper purse".

So far, I have knit this much:
If I dig out my notes on cabling without a cable needle, I think this will start to go faster. I used that method when knitting the Irish Hiking scarf and really liked it.

I just had to take pictures of some of my other knit socks on the sock blockers:

Maizy socks:

Sable Panda Cotton socks:
Painted Daisies Wick socks:
Don't forget - tomorrow is WWKIP day! World Wide Knit in Public Day!!!!!!

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