Saturday, June 7, 2008

That's not knitting!

Last night, I got out my boxes of fabric stash for a project. These are the fabrics I chose:
This morning, I got out my sewing machine and started assembling:
What could possibly be more important than knitting? More important than finishing my monkey sock?

Well, making some extra knitting bags for the Summer of Socks, of course!
Aren't they cute? The only thing missing is the drawstrings, because I need to buy some nylon cord. I'm thinking either red or navy blue!

I, of course, can't take credit for the design of these. I used the AWESOME drawstring bag tutorial from yarnmonster's blog. This tutorial was really easy to follow and I am so happy with how the bags turned out. And, I haven't sewed anything in probably a year! And only a few things in the past 5 years or so! I just don't sew much anymore (since I'm obsessed with knitting!) but I'm glad I have my sewing machine and fabric stash for instances like this. It was a fun Saturday morning project! The first bag took me about an hour, as I kept referring to the directions for each step. By the second bag, I pretty much knew what to do and it took my only about a half hour!.(I had cut all the fabric pieces last night, so this morning was only sewing.)

This tutorial makes a great little bag! The bags are reversible because you make two identical pouches, line them up and then turn it inside out. It also has this brilliant, "fully lined drawstring channel", which I never would have come up with on my own, but it is so easy to do, and by following her instructions it just works like magic! I will definitely be making some more of these bags. What a great excuse to use up some of my fun fabric stash that has been sitting in my closet.

I made the smaller version of the bag, but she also gives dimensions to make a slightly larger version. And, I'm sure if you did a little math, you could adjust it to make a bag of any size!

So, as soon as I buy some nylon cord (or something suitable), these 2 bags are ready for me to throw some sock projects into! Woo-hoo!

I even used my little crochet donut pincushion because I needed to pin the fabric for a few steps:
This was another fun project I did a year or so ago and it is really handy! The pins fit in it perfectly and I love how the pins look like sprinkles.

Loopy, what are you doing in there???
Loopy thought these bags might make some cozy little places for him to hide:
Almost, Loopy, but your little red shirt gives you away!!

Instead, Loopy decided to model how the bag might look when it is cinched with a drawstring:
And, he also wanted to point out how the bags look reversed:
Thanks, Loopy!

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