Saturday, August 9, 2008

Projects for my parents

Since I was waiting for the Olympic opening ceremonies to start my next pair of socks, I cast on another project on Thursday night. I am making a pair of Men's Fingerless Mitts for my Dad. I knit the wrist ribbing and started up the hand Thursday night, and finished the hand section on Friday night just as the Olympic ceremonies were beginning. All I have to knit is the thumb (and a second mitt!) The pattern is "men's fingerless mitts" - Designs by KN.
As the TV coverage began on the Olympic opening ceremonies in the Eastern time zone, I cast on the "Walking in the Maize" socks that I am knitting for my mom (and SOS08... and OlympicSox2008). The colorway is Ballad Blues and it's really pretty! It's also interesting, because even though the colorway is called "blues" and the yarn looks blue as a whole, as I'm knitting it, it really looks like a mint green, with hints of a light lavender and a darker lavender. Nonetheless, it's very pretty and nice to work with.
You can read my post about these socks on the OlympicSox2008 blog here. And to see what everyone else is knitting for OlympicSox, you can check out all the blog posts here.

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