Tuesday, August 19, 2008


We just returned from a trip to Erie over the past weekend. Had a great time! Here is the progress I made on my Maizy socks while in Erie:
I did knit in the car on the way up and back, but not the whole time. I also knit most evenings while watching the Olympics. I am just a slow knitter on US 1 needles! I should be able to finish these in a few days, I would guess.

While in Erie, I visited the Erie Art Museum and got to buy some art from the Art-o-mat. This is such a cool concept. They are using the old pull-knob cigarette vending machines to sell orginal art by various artists! Each artist's items are packaged in a box the size of a pack of cigarettes. I read about this on another blog and knew I had to check it out when I visited Erie! I ended up buying 3 items:
The first one I chose was "Steel Heart Designs - Beaded Jewelry by Sarah F. Aitken". I got a beautiful pair of earrings made by an artist in Washington DC!
Next, I chose "Folk Art Sculpture - stoneware clay" and got a cute little clay sculpture of a beaver, a fish and some sticks to build a dam. Here's how I arranged it to take a picture:
This was by an artist named Joyce Lyman. Very cute!

The last item I chose was by an artist named Amanda Kay Wallace. I wasn't sure what I was going to get; it was just labeled with a picture of some pretty flowers. And, that's what I got - a wooden block, painted black with a funky flower painting on the front of it! Pretty cool!
It's called "The Power of the Flower" and mine was numbered 46/50.

Each item was $5.00 and there were about 20 different artists to choose from. There were 3-D paintings that came with little 3D glasses, keychains, mobiles, and lots of other choices. If you want to see if there's an Art-o-mat near you, check here.

I also visited the Erie Zoo yesterday and took some pictures of the animals, although most of them were sleeping.

The Red Panda was hanging out, posing for a picture:
My favorite animal at the Erie Zoo is the Geoffrey's Tamarin. They run around so fast, it's hard to snap a picture of them. But they do like to come up to the front and pose if you're patient:

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