Wednesday, August 6, 2008

finished Magic Loop socks!

I finished the Magic Loop socks at class tonight! Last night, I had finished the foot and started on the toe. These were a really fun knit and I will definitely use the Magic Loop method again. But, I'm not giving up my dpns!!! I think both methods have their advantages and disadvantages and I'm glad to have learned another option for my sock knitting.

In other news, I won a prize on the Socks and More blog! This is a blog about projects using Crystal Palace yarns (of which Panda Cotton is one of my favorites!!). I had entered my Brigit socks and the Fall Herbs socks in the "May, June, July contest". This is my first time winning a prize from a blog. I'm so excited!

I have also decided to participate in OlympicSox2008 which is being organized by the same person who hosts the Socks and More blog. We will knit socks during the Olympics and enter them in different events such as Marathon for the longest sock, Gymnastics for cabled socks, or Water sports (blue socks). So, if you like to knit socks, check it out! There's many more events than the ones I listed. It sounds like it will be a lot of fun. I just wish I had more time to knit!!

I also wanted to mention that there are some new online knitting magazines that launched recently and they're both very nice.

Knotions has a free pattern for Sampler Socks using Sockina Cotton yarn that I really want to try and quite a few other nice patterns as well.

The other is Twist Collective which I heard about on Ravelry. This is set up more like an actual magazine format where you flip through the pages on your screen. It's a very nice layout and has some really interesting articles and patterns. Most of these patterns are not free though, but they seem to be reasonably priced (around $7.00). I haven't bought any yet because I have more than enough patterns on hand right now to last me for quite awhile.

Since I'll be participating in OlympicSox2008, I will wait until Friday to cast on my next pair of socks. I could use a little break anyway, since I've been constantly knitting socks since 6/21/08 (with only 4 pairs to show for it; those Brigits really slowed me down!) I'm hoping to make a good run and knit a few pairs during these remaining weeks of SOS08 and OlympicSox2008. I now have double motivation!!

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