Saturday, October 18, 2008

Quick post

Sorry, no pics. I finished clue 3 of the first mystery sock. It was an eye of partridge heel. Knit it in one evening! So, I will probably move the sock onto stitch holders and knit the leg and heel of the other sock before clue 4 is revealed on Wednesday. So far, I love how the socks are turning out!

I also finished the illusion tree dishcloth. It turned out cool. I need to take pictures!!

On Thursday night I knit another mini sweater using my leftover pink Panda Wool!

Last night I was knitting the Tofutsies sock but probably only got through a few rounds. Tiny stitches don't make for much progress! But it's an easy knit to pick up when I don't feel like thinking or following a pattern. Right now it's just round and round in stockinette until I get to the toe decreases... which won't be for awhile.

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