Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mystery Sock update

I have been knitting along on the mystery socks since my last blog post. I finished the leg and heel of both socks prior to clue 4 being posted on Wednesday. Since Wednesday, I have been working on the foot of the first sock and am just about done. I will move that onto stitch holders and try to complete the foot of the other sock before the final clue is revealed this Wednesday - the toe!

Progress photos:
It really is a cool pattern. Probably not something I would have tried if I saw the pattern first - too indimidating!! - but since I didn't know what lie ahead, I dove in and had a lot of fun! I tried on the first sock today and it seems to fit me very well. So I think I will probably wear these. When I have an outfit that fuchsia socks will go with! ;-) They should be fun summer socks anyway.

Here's a close-up:
And here is a photo looking down at the top of the foot (but off the blocker so you can't see the lace pattern quite as well):
But, you can see that she adjusted the pattern a bit, so the cable "squiggles" don't squiggle out quite as far as you go towards the toe. Very interesting!

I also found out on Ravelry that there is a Magical Mystery Sock Tour beginning in November where a new mystery sock pattern will be posted in each odd month. So, I definitely think I'm going to check this out! November's mystery sock will be slip-stitch colorwork which I have really been wanting to try. I'm looking forward to it! Of course, that will mean two pairs of socks starting up in November and two new techniques, because I will also be starting my toe-up sock knitting class. That's ok though, I am up for the challenge! I just need to find time to also squeeze in my Christmas gift knitting that I have planned...

P.S. For more info in the Magical Mystery Sock Tour, check out the Sock Knitter's Anonymous group on Ravelry!

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