Saturday, October 11, 2008

Completed Projects

Hope everyone is having a nice Saturday. I finished a dishcloth last night:
Ugh, not a great picture, but you get the idea. It's just a dishcloth... ;-)

I also knit a mini sweater for one of my co-workers in honor of her 10-year anniversary at our company. I wanted to put "10" on the sweater in beads. In my bead class, we learned two techniques of adding beads to knitting. Since I had beads strung on my yarn, I decided to try that method first (which ended up being unsuccessful). I did not like the way the beads were looking and I decided to frog what I had knit and start over from scratch. This morning I re-knit the sweater (luckily it is mini!!) and when I got to the beading part, I placed them onto the stitch with a tiny crochet hook. I liked this look much better for this purpose and I am happy to say that the mini sweater is complete:
I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. The 10 stands out a little more in reality than it does in the picture. I hope she likes it!

I did start the leg pattern of the Mystery Sock on Wednesday but didn't get to far. I decided to go with the more challenging cable pattern that she decided to offer. Since so many were participating, she decided to offer two variations for the leg pattern! So, I need to work on that tonight. The Tofutsie sock is hibernating right now, but I'd like to try to finish at least one Tofutsie sock during Socktoberfest.

I also plan on making more dishcloths soon!

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