Tuesday, September 30, 2008

quick update and beginner knitter progress!

I finally finished the leg of the first Tofutsies sock, knit the heel flap and turned the heel last night. I ended up knitting about a 6" leg because it seemed long enough and although I love the stretchy fabric that Tofutsies is knitting up as, it is like knitting with dental floss on tiny US 0 needles! It is a very thin yarn. But, I think these will be socks that I like wearing so I am persevering!

In other knitting news, I wanted to share my friend's progress after taking the beginner's knitting class at KDO just over a week ago. She has definitely caught the knitting bug and is happily knitting every chance she gets! Hooray! After doing several practice swatches, she decided to try her first pattern, a scarf from a book she had on hand. She sent me her progress photos and I was quite impressed:
and a close-up of her excellent stitchwork:
What do you think? Has she been secretly knitting for years and just not told me?? :-)

I don't think I tried changing colors in my knitting until I'd been knitting for months and she learned how to do it in her first class session! (That's what I get for being a self-taught knitter)

Needless to say, I am very impressed and so happy that she is enjoying knitting as much as I do. It took me quite awhile to convince her to pick up the knitting needles, but now that she has I don't think she'll be putting them down anytime soon. Can't wait for next year's Knitters' Day Out!!

And on the fair isle front... I did swatch in the round for my sweater vest, but it still came out to a tighter gauge than the pattern calls for. I guess it's the yarn. So, I need to swatch on larger needles and see if that gets me closer to the pattern gauge. Otherwise I fear I will knit the entire sweater vest and not be able to get it on! So, perhaps I will swatch tonight if I don't decide to pick up stitches on the Tofutsies sock. Or maybe I'll do both!

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