Friday, September 5, 2008

OlympicSox medal ceremonies... and more hats!

The OlympicSox medals were awarded this week and my Ballad Blues Maizy socks won a medal in each category they were entered in! I received a bronze medal in Water Sports (this was a category for blue socks). You can see the post by clicking here. I won a gold medal in a special medal group awarded for socks knit in Crystal Palace yarn. That post is here.

To see all the socks knit and medals awarded, check out the OlympicSox blog and scroll down through all the fantastic photos in each medal category. So many beautiful knit socks!

I seem to have gone from the Summer of Socks into the September of Hats. I have been knitting one hat after another! Of course, this is just my own un-official event. :-) Hats are such fun, quick projects and you only have to knit one (as opposed to having to knit two matching socks). I will be donating these hats to Caps for Kids when I attend Knitters' Day Out in a couple weeks. This is my first charity knitting and it's been a lot of fun! I'm also using up stash yarn and trying out some of the Knit Picks worsted yarn that I bought for my fair isle hat class.

I knit this hat from some stash yarn that no longer had a label. I think it is a yarn called Denim-Style. I like how the hat turned out:
Last night, I knit a baby hat using a pattern from "Stitches from the Heart". This was from a charity knitting episode of Knitty Gritty. I used Knit Picks Shine Worsted yarn in the color "Grass" - I hope the green is not too strange for a baby, but I like how it turned out. It has some little lace details in the pattern. Also, I knit this in the round even though the pattern is written to knit it back and forth and then seam it up. Here's a pic:
The green is much brighter than it looks in the picture (at least as it appears on my computer). It's a wee, little hat for a newborn; only 5 inches tall!

I cast on another baby hat last night, but I may have to frog and start again with smaller needles. It seems very loose and not the right gauge. I'm knitting this pattern that I saw on Lime & Violet's Daily Chum. I'm using Knit Picks Comfy yarn in Blackberry (a dark purple).

More hat pics to follow, I'm sure!

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