Saturday, July 26, 2008

Grey socks finished!

The second sock was knit even faster than the first! I knit the 2nd sock in just two evenings - wow! I'm happy with how they turned out and I think my Dad will like them.

I made him these socks last Christmas from the same type of yarn (Lion Brand Wool-Ease) and he seemed to like them:
Ugh, what an awful picture! Maybe if you click on it and make it bigger it will look a little better. Anyway, I think the ribbing on the grey socks will help them stay up better. He just wears them to sleep in anyway, but I think he said the brown ones got a little slouchy. So hopefully my modifications on the grey socks will be an improvement.

I still haven't worked on the Magic Loop socks since class on Wednesday because I was finishing the grey socks, but my plan is to work on the pretty pink Panda Wool today. It's supposed to get hot and humid outside today, so I think I will stay in and knit. Sounds like a plan!

Perhaps I'll have some progress to show on the Magic Loop socks tomorrow!

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