Wednesday, July 16, 2008

first Magic Loop class!

I had my first Magic Loop class at yarn-love tonight! It was so much fun. I really enjoyed learning this new technique and after a couple rounds it was really pretty easy! I haven't decided that I like it better than dpns but it is certainly another option.

This is the yarn I decided to buy for my Magic Loop class:

It's Crystal Palace Panda Wool in Magenta. This yarn is 51% bamboo, 39% wool and 10% nylon. It is very nice to work with and is less splitty than Maizy or Panda Cotton probably due to the wool content. The color is really pretty. The pictures don't do it justice. There's some subtle variations that I really like.

Oh - we are making a full-size pair of socks, so it will count for Summer of Socks - yay!

Here is the progress I made after my first class:
That is 60 stitches cast on US 2 addi Turbo Lace 40" circular needles. I'm doing K2,P2 ribbing. I'm debating whether want I want to do ribbing for the whole length of the sock (which I like the look of) or just a couple inches ribbing at the top and then switch to stockinette (which will probably be quicker to knit). I guess I'll just see if I get tired of the ribbing or decide to keep going!

There were two other people in the class with me and the instructor was very nice and helpful. I was happy with the progress I made. Our goal is to try to finish the leg of the sock this week so that we can start the heel next Wednesday. I think I can manage that!

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