Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sable stocks and stash

The Sable socks are finished! They were actually a very quick knit. I just had about a two-week knitting hiatus while I was miserable with the tonsillitis so they seemed to take a month to knit.

I took a picture of my sock yarn stash in preparation for the Summer of Socks:
Not too much really... I think I need to do some more shopping! :-) Especially considering much of that yarn isn't enough to make a full pair of socks. I just put it in the picture because it is technically sock yarn. And the monkey socks hibernating on the wool yarn won't count for summer of socks because they are already cast on. Hmmmm.... maybe I should actually try to finish those before summer of socks begins?? I'll have to see if I get motivated in that direction.

The Tofutsies is just being swatched on size 1 bamboo needles and will be frogged before summer of socks begins. I tend to cheat at swatching... knit about 10 rows, measure my gauge, and then frog and start knitting the socks! So bad... I know that you're supposed to knit a nice 4-inch square and wash and dry it to see what the fabric will really end up like when you wear it, but I am:
a. Too lazy (I get so bored knitting a stockinette square for 4 inches!)

b. Too cheap (I should really buy an extra skein for swatching, but I don't, and I'm always afraid I'll run out of yarn for a pair of socks.)

So... I do my lazy, cheating swatching and so far it has worked for me! I am trying to do a better job at swatching in preparation for Summer of Socks because I want to try different size needles to see what fabric I like best at different gauges. (This is a nice theory, but I am not always very motivated to keep swatching, so again, we'll see how that goes!)

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