Friday, May 23, 2008

Knitting with wool!

So, after finishing my blog post the other day about how I really didn't like knitting with wool, I looked around to see what project I should knit next (since I had finished the Sable socks). I realized I had one pair of socks on the needles that I had started back in March, but had set aside to knit the Sockina Cotton socks. I thought I should probably finish these before Summer of Socks begins!

The yarn for this project is Happy Feet by Plymouth Yarn. It is 9o% superwash merino wool and 10%nylon.

I found this yarn at Kitnit Fine Yarns when I was shopping for Maizy sock yarn earlier in the year. I really liked the red colorway and the wool didn't seem TOO scratchy since it was merino wool, so I thought I'd give it a try.

In March, I had cast on these socks using US 2 needles and the no-purl version of Cookie A's Monkey socks pattern. I probably did one of my quick gauge checks and then ignored my results because I knit all the way to the heel flap before I realized they were going to be way too big. This is my first attempt at the monkey socks:
You can't tell from the picture, but when I finished the leg and started the heel flap, I could tell it was just way too wide. So, I frogged it, re-calculated my gauge on size 0 needles, figured that would work better and cast on again. The twisted rib part at the top is very tedious for me, but I got through it and started the leg and knit about 10-15 rows. Then my Sockina yarn arrived in the mail from The Loopy Ewe and I couldn't wait to cast on! So I set aside the monkey socks and didn't pick them up again until this week!

This is my current progress on the size 0 needles:
and another view from a different angle (the colors look more hot pink in this picture, but the red pictures are more accurate):
The size 0 needles seem to be making this a stiffer fabric, but I think they will be the right size and should be pretty durable. I am looking forward to having a complete sock and trying it on. I'm not sure if I will like wearing wool socks but I will give it a try!

Will these socks convert me to buying wool yarn??? The jury is still out on that one! Stay tuned!

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