Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Quick yarn post

Just a quick update to share pics of the yarn I bought over the weekend for my Summer of Socks stash!

This is a limited edition colorway (# 742) of Tofutsies that I bought at Oh Susanna in Lancaster:

And this is the Maizy sock yarn I bought at yarn-love. The color is called "bittersweet", but appears black to me.
I visited Indian Echo Caverns with a friend of mine yesterday and took a bunch of pictures which I will share on future blog posts. It is a really cool place to visit!

Here's a picture from deep inside the cavern:
And here is a formation in the main cavern room that looks like a bunny rabbit. Do you see it???
OK, one final picture for today of one of the lakes inside the cavern:
I think it may be too hot to knit tonight! It is 85 and humid and we haven't turned the A/C on yet. I am almost ready to start the heel on my monkey socks too! Maybe if I cool my hands down with an ice cold beverage...

1 comment:

Karen said...

That's some nice yarn Cathy!

I finally started a project! We have these baby blue foam boards under our monitors at work, so I'm crocheting a dresser scarf thing to put over it.

So, um, can I get a framed sock??? I can just see you opening up your own gallery...