Thursday, March 19, 2009

N, O, P, Q, R, S - catching up on NatCroMo

03.19.09 005

N is for Night
O is for Orange
P is for Peel

Those three are reflected in this picture (I wasn't feeling very creative at this point, so there isn't much of an interesting story to go with it):
03.19.09 001

Q is for Queen

Using some scrap acrylic yarn in jewel tones, I attempted to crochet a crown:
03.19.09 002

R is for Russet

Using red and brown yarn held together, since russet is a reddish-brown color, I decided to crochet an oval to represent a potato (russet potatoes):
03.19.09 003

Ah... my weird inspirations were back!

S is for Stone

Stone made me think of grey, so I found a small ball of leftover grey yarn and started crocheting. At first, I was thinking of maybe trying to crochet a three dimensional round stone or something, then I thought of Stone Mountain Georgia, so I thought maybe I'd crochet a mountain, but what I was crocheting wasn't really wide enough for a mountain. Then I started thinking of old stone churches and the stone that is on the front of my house that goes to a peak, and I decided to aim for a steeple-type shape and ended up with something that basically looks like a skyscraper peeking out from behind my Grape Jam blob:
03.19.09 004

I'm glad I am back on track with this project. I was feeling uninspired for a bit, but I'm still enjoying working on it, and I'm glad I got some good ideas for the last couple inspirational items.

I have a few more rounds to go on the leg of the second harika sock and then I can start the heel!! I must finish these by March 31st!! Then I need to find a nice, simple worsted weight project. I'm thinking I'll knit up some dishcloths or something. :-)

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