Friday, January 9, 2009

My latest presented by Shelby

I finished a scarf that I had cast on back in April! It was yarn leftover from a prayer shawl I had knit out of Lion Brand Homespun. The colorway was called Corinthian and I love it! The photos don't do it justice. Rich reds, purples, greens and golds all subtly appearing and disappearing as I knit. Beautiful! Of course, as I went to photograph the scarf, Shelby appeared to pose with it:
Then he had to lay next to it while I tried to take a close-up picture:
This is the amount of yarn I had left... I finished the skein!!:
Somehow, Shelby managed to avoid getting into that pic. :-)

Even though this scarf lingered in a box for months, when I actually started working on it, it only took me two days to knit! Note to self: find more projects with bulky yarn on big needles! Nice change of pace from sock knitting and a much quicker sense of accomplishment. I still love knitting socks though... :-)

Yesterday, the next clue (clue # 2) was posted for the beaded mystery sock! So, that's what I did last night! I finished the beaded section of sock 1 and just need to finish the leg (I'll probably knit it to 6 inches) and then I can switch back to sock 2 and knit clue 2. This pattern is so much fun to knit! Challenging, but so interesting that I just don't want to put it down!

Here's the progress that I made last night:
It may appear that Shelby was not present for this picture... but he was:

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