Saturday, January 3, 2009


I completed clue 1 of sock 1 for the SKA January Sockdown challenge!
Here's a close-up of the beads:
I'm using Caribbean Blue Panda Cotton and Deep Blue Sea Miyuki Seed Bead Mix (size 6). I am knitting these on US1 circulars using magic loop (yes, I am still loving the magic loop method!)

I had almost finished clue #1 on January 1st, but then I goofed up and had to rip back to the beginning of the pattern section and re-knit it! Arrrgggh!! I just couldn't seem to fix my mistake because of all the yarn-overs. At least I didn't need to re-knit the ribbing section. I should have been able to fix what I did without ripping back, but I couldn't figure it out!

The trickiest part of this pattern is that when you're adding the bead with the crochet hook, the next stitch is a yarn-over from the previous round. And for some reason, I kept wanting to just drop this off my needle and it would kind of get sucked into where I was adding the bead and then I had lost a stitch! Once I realized this, I was very careful the next time to not drop this yarn-over, but it took some tricky maneuvering with the two needles and the crochet hook to get the bead added, get that stitch back on my left needle to knit it and then knit that darn yarn-over!!!

But, the challenge was worth it, because I am loving how these socks are turning out!

I may move this onto stitch holders and knit clue 1 of sock #2. I'm not sure when clue 2 will be posted, but I'm guessing Thursday at the earliest.

I went back to working on the Tofutsies sock tonight because I really want to finish that pair. Here's my progress on sock #2:

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