Sunday, December 14, 2008

2 legs done... 6 to go!

The socktopus is underway! Yes... I know I still need to finish my Dad's fingerless mitt, but this so much more fun to work on! The body of the octopus is Lily Sugar 'n Cream yarn in ivory. The increases were a little tough to knit in the dishcloth cotton, so if I make another one I will probably use an acrylic yarn. I think it will be fine though once it's done; just a little tough on the wrists when knitting!

Getting to the socks was such fun! I knit the blue one first using Red Heart Casual Cot'n in the Majestic colorway. I love this yarn, but never know what to use it for. It's really soft! So, I thought I'd make a nice long sock for the octopus. For the 2nd sock, I figured I'd make it a little shorter than the first one and I used Caron Simply Soft in raspberry. This was leftover from the Irish Hiking scarf that I knit. I add a white stripe at the top of the sock for a little contrast.

You can see the yarn I plan to use next peeking in the top left corner of the photo. Some light blue denim style yarn. I think I may make this a "scrunchy" sock and add some purl rounds as the pattern suggests. Fun!

Stay tuned as socktopus continues to gain additional sock-covered legs (tentacles???)!!

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Karen said...

That is a cool could make one for Shelbs too!