Thursday, November 6, 2008

Toe-up sock class

Last night, I started my toe-up sock class at yarn-love. It was a lot of fun! I decided to knit fingering weight toe-up socks as soon as I saw this pretty Panda Soy:
There were 6 people in my class, plus the instructor, so it was a little hectic at times with us all asking questions and trying to learn something new and tricky at once, but our teacher was great at answering everyone's questions and helping us all get through our first sock toe!

Here's what I knit during class:
and another view:
I really love this yarn! It was a bit splitty and the first row knitting into the backwards loop cast-on was tricky, but once I got past that it was fine. I've knit with non-wool Crystal Palace Yarns enough that I'm used to working with it. It's so soft and the colorway is beautiful! This colorway is called "cocoa mint".

Our "homework" is to knit the foot up to the ankle before the next class. Basically, we should knit up to the point where we will begin our gusset increases.

I am also working on some Christmas gifts, but I won't post pictures or blog about those here until after Christmas once the gifts are given!!

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