Saturday, April 19, 2008

Misc. Saturday update

I went to two yarn shops this weekend and didn't buy any yarn. If I would have seen Panda Cotton or Wick I would have scooped it up in a heartbeat, but I didn't.

I did see this though:
It's blue (of course, that got my attention right away), it's fabric, it's in a yarn shop...
It organizes my double-pointed sock knitting needles perfectly!! Just the right number of needle pouches. (That is until I buy MORE dpns but I'll worry about that when the time comes. And it even has a little zippered pouch on the side to hold my cable needles, darning needles, scissors and other misc. stuff I always need when I'm knitting.

I bought it at Purl One, Sit Too in Strasburg, PA. It is made by Lantern Moon.

Also, I wanted to post a picture of the progress on my Branching Out scarf:
Wow, not a very great picture, but you can see I have been working on it! I promise to take a more "in focus" picture once it is done.

And last, but not least, (well, maybe it should be least) remember the yellow "beginner's bear" that I mentioned in my first bears post? Yes, my sad, pathetic first attempt at a knit bear with yellow and white dishcloth cotton. Well, here it is:
Notice the yellow yarn hanging down from his one arm. I really didn't follow the directions when attaching his arms. So sad...

I've come a long way. I'll leave you with a picture of one of my better knit bears, "Sleepy Sam", also from Sandra Polley's The Knitted Teddy Bear:

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