Saturday, April 26, 2008

a little loopy

My favorite place to shop for yarn online is The Loopy Ewe. Pictured above is part of my order that arrived yesterday! (I ordered Tuesday night - they have GREAT service!) I just had to buy one of the "Little Loopy" stuffed lambs. Isn't he adorable? His red shirt says "a little loopy". He is sitting on the knitting bag I bought so I can start knitting on the go (if I decide to do that). I haven't taken that plunge yet... I always knit at home.

Loopy also wanted to show off the new Panda Cotton yarn I bought:
This color is Periwinkle. Also, check it out, his arms/legs are one continuous piece so you can make him have long arms and short legs as above or...
He can stretch out his legs with my Panda Cotton yarn in Sable, which you can see I already wound into a ball last night so I could start a pair of socks:
That is the progress I made last night. I am following the same basic 6-stitch pattern instructions from Sensational Knitted Socks that I used for my blue Panda Cotton socks. But, I am trying a slightly different rib stitch. I am using "twin rib" as opposed to "slipped-stitch rib", which I used on the blue socks. I don't think this dark yarn will show off the stitch much anyway and I wanted a pattern that was easy to remember so I didn't need the pattern in front of me when I worked on it.

Also, the lace scarf knitting is complete, but I haven't blocked it yet or taken pictures. I will try to take pictures before, during and after blocking so you can see the change. This will be my first major blocking so I'm not sure how I'm even going to do it! I just want to make sure I have rust-free pins!

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drlaura said...

Little Loopy guy is adorable!
Hi, i'm laura, "sock/yarn guru" for CPY and would love to post your pics on our blog CPYsocksandmore
let me know?