Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Loopy Ewe

I placed an order from The Loopy Ewe this week and it arrived on Friday:
05.29.09 016

I got two new solid colors of Panda Cotton: Tropical Peach and Deep Water (blue). Both are very pretty and now I have some solid colors on hand in case a new mystery sock project pops up!

I also ordered another bar of my favorite soap: Jasmine Knitter's Hand Soap from the Blue Ridge Soap Shed. I have tried both the Jasmine and Green Tea scents and they were both nice. The bars last a really long time - I think the first bar lasted me almost 9 months usually using it several times a day. This bar seems to be going a little faster, but that's probably because I use it more frequently!

I also ordered the exclusive Loopy Rules set from Karatstix! I've admired Karatstix's products for awhile and when I saw she designed a set for the Loopy Ewe I knew I had to get it! It's a little 2-inch ruler and a sock shaped needle sizer. Cute!

My favorite online yarn shop made my day once again! Thanks Loopy Ewe! :-)

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gray la gran said...

oh! you got some good summer socken yarn for the impending season (and it's hot here already!).

i look forward to the 'summer of socks' kal coming up. i'll have to finish my panda cotton orphan sock, and knit something nice with my maizy.

happy knitting =)