Tuesday, May 12, 2009

knitting progress

I am still making progress on the Noro scarf. I love the gradual color changes. Here's a photo of the end of the scarf as it's rolled up while I'm knitting it:
05.12.09 001

And here it is zig-zagged out:
05.12.09 002

I have finished clue 2 on both socks for the May mystery sock pattern. It is a fun knit. I wish the cables showed up better, but maybe once the socks are complete, they will stand out more:
05.12.09 007

05.12.09 006

Since I have to wait until Friday for clue #3, I am continuing to work on both the Noro scarf and Circle dishcloth:
05.12.09 004

I'm about 3/5 done with the dishcloth. I have two more pattern repeats to go. This pattern is really cool. I'm only having trouble with carrying the yarns up the side where I'm changing them. You can't see that in my picture - ha ha.

I've been thinking that I need to get some practice yarn to start learning the techniques that I am not familiar with. I need to learn to knit Make One increases without holes, because I usually just decide to knit through the front and back loop, but this is not always ideal. I also need to learn how to better carry yarn up the sides of my work, because I'm having issues with how this looks in both the Noro scarf and the Circle Cloth. I'm sure I read somewhere that Cat Bordhi developed a yarn that was supposed to be the ideal practice yarn, but I tried searching online for this today and couldn't find anything about it! If anyone knows if this is available or when it will be available, please leave me a comment! I think it's a fantastic idea! From what I recall, it changed colors so you could see your different stitches and also stood up well to repeated frogging and was a yarn base that had excellent stitch definition. I want some!

I will leave you with a new Shelby photo:
05.12.09 008

He can't understand why I am this interested in yarn. :-)

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