Saturday, February 21, 2009

scarf done; sock progress

I finished the Bamboozle Inner Truth Cable Scarf:

02.21.09 003

Many thanks to Crystal Palace Yarns for providing the yarn to knit this scarf! I'll be sending the scarf to them soon so they can take a good picture of it for their website. :-)

I finished the first pattern repeat for the leg of the harika sock:
02.21.09 006

The light-colored yarn actually has several pretty colors in it, but I'm having a hard time photographing it because it contrasts so much with the dark yarn. But, so far so good with this pattern! I knit one more pattern repeat and a couple more rows and then start the heel! I believe this pattern will hold my interest, and although it is challenging, it will be a fairly fast knit. My goal is to finish the pair by the end of March.

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