Monday, June 15, 2009

WWKIP Day, car knitting and puppy Madison

On Saturday, June 13th, I participated in the SKA group's photo scavenger hunt for WWKIP Day (on Ravelry). There was a list of different point values for photographing your sock-in-progress with various items (an animal, a non-knitter, someone on a bicycle, from 100+ feet up, etc.). I earned 26 points and had a lot of fun. Others earned more points than me, but I have some entries for "funniest pic" and "most unique pic" and there is also a random prize drawing for everyone who entered. Most importantly was that it made for a fun day, so the prizes are really secondary. Here's one of the photos I took from 100+ feet up:
06.13.09 029

The sock is Panda Cotton in the colorway "Roses" which is gorgeous and I am knitting the slipped stitch rib pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks.

We were in Erie, PA for the weekend and this is one of the first times I was able to knit in the car on the trip. I can't read in a car; it gives me a headache and I haven't had much luck with trying to knit, but I started an easy scarf pattern that I was able to remember without looking at the pattern. It's the Panda Cotton Drop Stitch Scarf, a free pattern on Crystal Palace Yarn's website. I love how it's turning out! I'm using Panda Cotton in the Seascape colorway and I just LOVE the colors:
06.13.09 003

The scarf is much longer now because I knit it on the way home today too!

I also got to meet my in-law's new puppy, Madison, and she is absolutely adorable! She is a miniature American Eskimo and well-loved:
06.13.09 011

06.13.09 078

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