Monday, April 13, 2009

Matching socks and scarf progress

04.13.09 001

They match! Hooray! I was worried that this might be a difficult task, but they seem to match fairly closely and I'm glad... especially since I got the magic 8 cast on to work on the first try this time!

Did I ever say what pattern this is? It's the Sampler Socks pattern from This is another of those patterns that I knew I wanted to knit the first time I saw it! It's a lot of fun and my second ever attempt at toe-up sock knitting! I'm also participating in two KALs with these socks, the SKA Challenge on Ravelry and it's my April project for the 52 week Challenge KAL on the Carefree blog. Plus, they are a belated birthday gift for my best friend!

I am also making progress on my striped Noro scarf. It's nice to have these two projects to go back and forth between. Here's a progress shot of the scarf:

04.13.09 003

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Aunt Kathy said...

Oh I am jealous you figured out these toe up socks... are they done on one circular needle or two circulars?